On Coming Back:

The reason I dropped the blog last March was to focus on writing a book, but that didn’t happen. Instead, I answered emails (like all the emails!), ate large hunks of cheese, and watched the great oeuvre of Shondaland.

The thing about being a writer and a mother, or at least it’s like this way for me, is that writing doesn’t feel like a real duty. Any self-respecting and emotionally secure artist will tell you otherwise. (And yes I believe is self-respecting and emotionally secure artists, but that’s a whole other conversation that gets me very bent out of shape.) In real life… that’s silly, it’s all real life… in my non-blog-nine-to-five life I am actually a professional writer. But despite being 100% sure that writing is for me, whenever I sit down to work, there’s a nagging in my brain telling me I should be organizing Joanie’s Duplo collection or catching up on How to Get Away with Murder.

The point is that I should be more confident in the validity of my personal writing as a venture. I have to make things happen for myself, otherwise who am I to tell my daughter to do the same?

In the front of all my journals, I write, “Stop whining and get on with the work.” I heard it on a podcast once, and it gives me a good kick, though truthfully not enough. Unfortunately at the end of the day, I am just so damn exhausted by the hours of copywriting, dishes, and toddler dance parties that I don’t take the time to do what I’m really passionate about. This all sounds very whiny, but I only mention it as exposition to my new resolve.

Never in my life have I written more than when I was concentrating on this blog. Not only was I consistently updating, I was writing short stories, researching for scripts, and journaling like a fiend. Now, I’m filling my previously rich notebooks with to do lists. So, inspired by my sister-in-law’s blog and fuelled by my own frustration with The Murkoff Empire (which is really the driving force of this blog), I’m back!

I’ll be posting every other Saturday, so stay tuned for my next post on December 26th. It’s about butt holes.


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